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· Rivet Technology system.
· Boltless assembly.
· Metal structure + wiremesh.
· Domestic and professional usage: storage rooms, industries, workshops.
· Available in different finishes: Galvanized and Powder coating finish.
· Loading capacities: 300 kg- 400kg
· Different dimensions, with 4 and  5 levels.
· Necessary the use of gloves for the assembly of the shelving.

Assembly instructions 5 levels + 1 reinforcement
Assembly instructions 4 levels + 1 reinforcement
Assembly instructions 4 levels + 2 reinforcements


Wire Rivet Shelving by AR Shelving

100% metal shelving kit, structure and metal mesh for domestic or professional use.

Designed shelving for the storage of liquids and corrosive products, 10 years anti-corrosion guarantee. Resistance to the most adverse conditions, fireproof shelving.

Easy to assembly. Rivet Technology, a system which ensures the maximum sturdiness and greater strength of the structure.




estantería metálica sin tornillos Stabil color azul BLUE (RAL 5010)