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AR Shelving optimizes its packaging system with a new automated palletizing line

AR Shelving has gone a step further in its move towards the concept of Industry 4.0 by incorporating a new automated palletizing line. This represents a qualitative leap in the improvement of packaging processes and conditions, and favors the protection and stability of its load units.

The new line was designed by two of the main references in the sector of industrial automation; Inser Robotics and JRG Design.
This line is composed of a 4-axis palletizer robot, a pallet strapping machine and an automatic wrapping machine, which allow automatic strapping and a more precise baling, as well as a multireferential palletization.

The 4-axis robot is one of the elements that has made it possible to increase the efficiency of palletizing processes. Not only because it improves cycle times in a remarkable way, but also because it achieves a greater optimization of the layout of the content of the pallets. Thus, this industrial robot allows to configure different mosaics, obtain greater precision in the distribution of boxes and create mixed pallets, a fact that reduces manipulations. It also incorporates an automatic “bee´s nest cardboard” dispenser that allows the use of recycled cardboard, in line in our commitment to reuse and recycling.

The second element of the new line is its automatic strapping system, which includes a press to guarantee tension and allows the strapping to be arranged in different configurations to guarantee the stability of the load.

And finally, the automatic wrapping machine. It includes a pre-screening system that reduces film consumption and optimizes the number of laps required per level.

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