The Corner Rivet® metal corner shelf

  • OPTIMISED up to 11%

    OPTIMISED up to 11% Optimisation the space of your garage, including the corners. With Corner Rivet Shelving a small storage space at home or in any small business, can be OPTIMISED up to 11%.


    ACCESSIBILITY Easy access to corner load, 62cm, the largest on the market. You can avoid the middle uprights that complicate the loading/unloading process.


    RIVET TECHNOLOGY This shelving unit features a boltless rivet system, an innovative dowel pin or metal rivet, for an easy installation, adding strength and stability.

Corner Rivet with HDF fiberboards

Metal shelving CORNER RIVET is designed to hold heavy loads featuring height adjustable shelves. Exclusive riveted technology for an easy and quick installation without bolts prevents the shelving from deteriorating over time.

Maximum space utilisation, including corners; it is perfect for keeping all your items organised in your basement, garage, storage room, archive, workshop, industry, or other businesses. 250 kg loading capacity per shelf (uniformly distributed load) depending on the shelving dimensions.

The 5 mm-thickness HDF fiberboards are more resistant to humidity. Easy clean-up and maintenance. It can be assembled horizontally as a workbench and combined with other shelving units with the same depth.

GARAGE 45 Series

“Garage 45 Series”  concept with HDF fiberboards comes in 4 models of different size combinations using the same 45 cm depth, the most suitable one for storage solutions in your garage, storage room and small businesses. This range can be combined with the corner rivet, ensuring a total optimisation of the space.

Different size combinations using the same 45 cm depth

garage 45 series

can be combined with
our range of
"Garage 45 Series"


In my opinion, this flexible shelves system is perfect to equip any home handyman's workshop. I finally got my workshop in order. I built an angular structure with high and medium shelves. Simple and easy to assemble. Excellent system in every aspect. Super!!


I am pleasantly surprised, my new corner shelving brought me such a great space in my garage.


Excellent to organize everything as you want. I bought this product recently and it looks fine!


El montaje es muy simple, aunque entre dos personas es más rápido. En cualquier caso, se debe utilizar un martillo de plástico o de goma. La estabilidad es muy buena. Puede tener un nivel, dos, o hasta un total de cinco niveles. ¡Compraría la estantería de nuevo!


Excellent product. I am so happy with it that I do recommend it.








Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016



Anthracite grey textured matt finish of highest quality, scratch resistant.