· Boltless metal shelving
· Professional and Domestic usage: pantries, laundry rooms, offices, workshops.
· Load capacity between 200 kg and 280 kg per level, depending on the dimensions of the shelf.
· Structure and metal shelves.
Boltless assembly instructions: L and T Shape Uprights


This shelving system is a new adaptable and versatile concept, whose components are purchased separately, which optimizes the storage space by adapting to the available space. This way, structures with bays of different dimensions can be assembled, so that a set of shelves is practically made to measure. The “T” SHAPE profile allows the joining of additional bays sharing the same profile, which makes the shelving more rigid and robust.


  • Shelves: metal shelves of different measures and finishes.
  • Uprights: uprights to be assembled boltless, in “L” and “T” shapes, to join shelving units, with different lengths.
  • Accessories for assembly without screws.


  BLUE (RAL 5010)    DARK GREY (RAL 7016)

Dimensions: more information.


  • Feet of plastic two shapes: in L and T, blister of 4 units
  • Upright union blister of 4 units
  • Hanging accessory Hanging tube case
  • Tool holder panel with 2 galvanized metal panels

Assembly steps

* COMPULSORY: In the first and last level two beams and two crossbeams.